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Last Friday I was the Emcee at my Toastmasters club and opened with these lines.
“When our President Jindow Joseph asked me to be the MC, I asked him ‘why me?’and he said ‘you are a natural CK!’ I was elated. And then he came out with a definition -‘an emcee has to be so infernally dull that succeeding speakers appear brighter by comparison.You don’t have to make an effort to be dull. You are a natural !”

This got a good response. While it is not mandatory to open with a joke, when an anecdote or a one-liner is well crafted,it DOES make an impact !

I first heard this quip many years ago when fellow Bangalore TM John Bosco Abraham used it in a Demo meet.

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  • stlouismillers

    That's a good one, CK!

    Here's one I used when asked to lead the first meeting of the year by the president of a MasterMind Club.

    "I was honored when John asked me to lead the first meeting this year. Then he went on to tell me that his goal for the year was to have each meeting better than the previous one, and I was the first choice for the first meeting!"


    Thanks for the Post!

  • CK

    Thanks a TON for visiting this blog and sorry for the delay in replying !

    I'm going to use your opener in my TM meeting soon !

    Thanks again !

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