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MIT Manipal. Late 70s. We brought out a rag UG, which took an irreverent,frivolous and absurd view of campus life.
The movie Kramer vs Kramer, starring Dustin Hoffman had just been released and our semester exams were approaching.

We brought out this ad ” Running to packed houses in the college library !
Starring Rankies and Gold Medalists from all branches !Limited release !

This was a huge hit !What’s heartening, my juniors still recall this ad,after about 30 years ! I learnt a valubale lesson – topical humor,if used well works wonders !

A classic example is the iconic Amul Butter ads
I marvel at their consistent brilliance ! I mean, coming out with a wisecrack once in a way is no big deal but to be able to churn out such hilarious winners for decades !! Last December I met Bharat Dabholkar, part of the team that created the utterly butterly girl and his energy was infectious !
They have a fan page on Facebook

I also remember Bobby Kooka, who created Air India’s Maharajah campaign and made some catchy billboard slogans for the staid public sector airline !

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  • Dr. Jim Anderson


    Great post. Ultimately the humor that lasts the longest time is the one that we can most closely relate to – it's personal.

    That's why in ever culture the humor that deals with forgetting something, being late, or embarrassing yourself in front of others works so well – we can all understand how that feels!

    – Dr. Jim Anderson
    The Accidental Communicator Blog
    "Learn How To intimately connect with your audience in order to make an lasting impact in their lives."

  • CK


    Thanks a ton for visiting my blog and your comments.Sorry for the delay in writing back as I was unwell.

    I agree with your view that humor has to be relevant if it has to appeal !

    Thanks again for your comment!

  • Satish

    I was in the 79-84 batch of MIT Manipal. That edition of UG that I received was probably – let's say, eaten by the cows (another topic of jokes of those times). However, I still remember that ad. and nice to know that others remember it too. Thanks – Satish Shenoy

  • CK


    thanks a lot ! yes,indeed, the cow was our mascot!

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