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I started blogging exactly THIS DAY,the 5th June in 2006! I wrote on public speaking,humor and communication in general. In 2008, my blog was listed in Alltop list of world’s top 100 blogs by GUY KAWASAKI himself! By then my posts on public speaking and humor were getting popular and if you’d searched for ‘speech openers’ my blog would figure on page 1 of search results, mostly the first entry!

I should have capitalised on this start but fell an easy victim to the charms of Facebook offering instant gratification of likes and comments.

Many summers later, Professional Speakers Association of India or PSAI has launched a 30 Day Blogging Challenge for its members to egg them on to create meaningful content.

Dr Latha Vijayabhaskar,the captain of the ship is priming the pump by sending out daily doses of material to prepare us for the rigour and discipline of churning out copy each day. The topics being – Anatomy of a reader, Create Your Blog Content Strtaegy and so on until Monday, the 8th June when we begin our thirty day challenge.

I plan to update both my blogs, the first one will talk about Influencing Skills, Public Speaking and Humor and the second titled ROTATING SWAMY is a pure travel blog.

So why all this noise? Simply to make a public commitment about the 30 day challenge and invoke pressure from you and my peers to keep me disciplined. And the prolonged home stay doesnt have space for excuses! Ample time to sit through the grind to post unique and relevant content every day.

I look forward to your support- bouquets to inspire and brickbats to chisel out the unwanted! Stay tuned from Monday,the 8th of June 2020!

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