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I came across a feast for public Speakers, Presenters, Toastmasters and anybody who has anything to do with the spoken word !!! It’s a treasure house called the Public Speaking Blogosphere, which has seventy eight blogs devoted to Public Speaking, Presentation Design, Humor and Toastmasters neatly arranged as a ready reckoner.
Phew ! I feel exhausted just thinking about collecting so much information meticulously !

Some educative and interesting blogs… ( by no means exhaustive.. as you dig deeper, you discover more…)

Presentation Zen, in which Garr Reynolds virtually freaks out on contemporary presentation design, use and abuse of Power Point and updates it regularly

Dave Paradi’s Power Point Blog Anything you wanted to know about Power Point

Tom Antion’s Blog. I’ve learnt a lot from Tom’s book Wake ‘Em Up !

And I use his definition of speakers who speak with a dull, monotonous voice as “unlicensed hypnotists!” in my training sessions !

Andrew Dlugan, who painstakingly compiled this list, even giving us a snapshot of each blog ! However, the best takeaway for me and other Toastmasters is the speech critique column, in which speech videos are evaluated objectively.
More power to you Andrew and May your tribe increase !
Bert Decker’s Blog Bert has compiled a list of top ten best and worst communicators of 2007, which makes an interesting read. Quite comforting, actually, to know that you don’t need to crucify yourself for goofing up in your presentations ! There’s severe competition in the bottom ten !!!

Blogs of Toastmasters and Humorists are also listed but they deserve a separate post !

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  • arun pujari

    Great post and thanks for bringing this humongous site to notice. A great resource no doubt.

    Also I had been coming across the Tom Antion book a number of times , but wasn’t sure if it was the right one to purchase. Your endorsement of it makes it a no brainer.



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