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I recently spoke to an audience at 12.45pm. Lunch buffet was being laid out in the adjacent room and with with spicy aroma wafting into the room, I HAD to do something to hook them and opened with this quip ” I promise to be brief. I am an ardent devotee of the Elizabeth Taylor school of Public Speaking – like she told many of her husbands –“I won’t keep you long !”

Got an animated response for this opener and managed to divert their attention for a while !

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  • Sowmya

    Ha Ha Ha……. Great…

    And you cooked up the Elizabeth Taylor's quote? It could not be real.. In that case you should copyright your creation

  • CK

    thanks Sowmya ! long time ! I wish I'd said this ! I've adapted this after hearing a TM speak at a convention !

  • stlouismillers

    Great opening!

    That kind of statement puts you and the audience at ease and makes a connection from the Get-Go!

    Thanks for the Post!

  • stlouismillers

    Great Opening statement.

    You immediately connected.

    The humor put both you and your audience at ease.


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