There was a time, when managers in India used to crib about their salary slips- ” My salary is so small, it slips away everytime i try to hold it !”
Things are dramatically different today when MBAs are paid obscene amounts as salaries and signing bonuses.
It kind of started with an IIMB grad, who was offered a mind boggling (then) yearly salary Rs. 88 lakhs by a London based Investment bank. It was widely publicized and his family started getting unwanted attention from relatives ( Remember the quip – Success is relative. More the success, more the relatives !), social service organisations, thugs, all of whom wanted a piece of the action ! He started getting threatening calls and it became so unbearable that IIMB decided not to publish any placement offers made on campus.
All that is history. With India shining, offers of million dollar plus salaries have become routine news with Lehmann Brothers and the Ambani Brothers equally showering the lolly !
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