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My friend and a compelling professional speaker, Pravin Shekar has been persuading me to write a book for over three years. I thought my lethargy will put him off. And he stopped messaging me on book authoring.

And then, a message popped on my WhatsApp screen asking me to check out a link which floored me. He and his team had converted by my talk on ‘UNLEASH YOUR HUMOR QUOTIENT’ at TEDx Dubai 2010 into a novel concept called, TALK BOOK.

The Talk Book titled ‘THE ABC OF HUMOR’ captures the essence of my talk in eye catching snippets. That’s not all. Pravin’s team gives me, A FREE Content Audit
One 15 minute high quality video
Repurposed into 5 video snippets
1 mini Talk Book
1 LinkedIn Blog
Audio snippets which can be loaded on to a podcast
20 tweets and 5 Instagram/FB sliders.

And you also get printed copies of your mini-book !

It was a WOW experience for me! A creative way of leveraging technology to improve your REACH without spending a fortune !

Please click on this link to watch video snippets of one minute duration and the full,15 minutes video and a host of other formats

“It’s not the best practice but NEXT practice”- Prof C K Prahlad.

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  • k V. Premraj

    Amazing what technology can do. Happy for you/

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