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I managed to upload two of my speech videos on YouTube !

The link that I posted earlier doesn’t seem to work. Please type T Chendil Kumar on Youtube and you will get all my videos ! thanks to Baiju for pointing it out !

1.My talk at TEDx Chennai – Stand up, Speak up and Shut up !

2.My Humor workshop for Toastmasters organised by Dreams Toastmasters Dubai – “Unleash your Humor Quotient !”

Watching yourself on video can be a revealing and humbling experience !You are basking in the spotlight of audience adulation and then to your horror, you notice your annoying crutch words and phrases, grammatical blunders,oblique facial expressions and the like..

I think it is worth investing in at least a flip video camera to consistently monitor your speeches !

I welcome your critical feedback !

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  • Anonymous

    The YouTube link you given will only work for you (Try to logout and click on that link). I searched in YouTube and found these two links:

    Please remove that ".mp4" extension from the second video title.

  • CK

    Thanks Baiju. I've made the correction.

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