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Yesterday,I spoke on “winning humorous speech contests” at Dreams Toastmasters Dubai. I was speaking for the third time to the same audience (almost..)and on the same topic- Humor! I was the third and last speaker. Two stalwarts DTM Col.Mohammed Murad and DTM Royston Fernandes had swayed the audience with their erudition. My challenge was to excite, link and involve an audience which was all set to go home.

I was reminded of DTM Karl Writer who said, “a humorous speaker must get the audience to smile, giggle or guffaw within the first 90 secs..”.

And I began with this quip – ” I was skeptical when your President Vinod asked me to talk to you today on humor for the third time and asked him ‘don’t you know that familiarity breeds contempt?’ and Vinod replied,’as far as I know, familiarity breeds children !’. I didn’t know how to respond to this and decided to speak here anyway !”

This opener was received very well, it set the tone for my session and I was able to cruise comfortably with my talk.

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  • Nikhil

    Thanks for sharing this CK. It was indeed a cracking start, instantaneously connected the audience with you. For me personally the perfect start is always a challenge. Reading your experience and how you dealt with it is helpful.

  • CK

    Thanks Nikhil. I wanted to catch up with u and get an update on your Everest expedition but I guess it was too late. Next time in TGIS meeting, perhaps !

  • Raman


    I know you never flinch seeing the competition.

    'The Ark was built by amateurs, the Titanic by professionals.'

    You make apprentices out of professionals!

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