I gave a 15 minute talk on ‘UNLEASH YOUR HUMOR QUOTIENT’ at TEDx Dubai in 2010.

My dear friend Pravin Shekar and team at ran through it and gave me,

A FREE Content Audit

one 15 minute high quality video

Repurposed into 5 video snippets

1 mini Talk Book

1 LinkedIn Blog

Audio snippets which can be loaded on to a podcast

20 tweets and 5 Instagram/FB sliders.

And you also get printed copies of your book !

This is a WOW experience for me,Praveen! Thanks a ton for leveraging technology to improve our REACH without spending a fortune !

All you need to do is mail your videos to katha108 and they will expand it multifold!

If you click on this link you will get to watch video snippets of one minute duration and the full,15 minutes video and a host of other formats

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