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My own view is that a sense of humor is, to a large extent, synonymous with a a sense of perspective and I have always felt that in many ways India would be in a better way today if we had the ability to laugh at ourselves.
JRD Tata

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  • Ravi Kumar

    CK Sir, for some reason, I have faked all these years pretending to under the meaning of “laughing at ourself”. What does it really mean. Does it mean considering yourself unimportant and a fool. Its hard to imagine.. your thoughts CK sir.

  • CK

    Thanks for dropping by. I feel you will be able to laugh at yourself only if you a strong sense of self esteem. It’s all about taking your work seriously and not yourself !

    However, if self deprecating humor is overdone, people will begin to believe that you are an idiot !

    I don’t know whether I’ve confused or clarified but here’s a quote worth pondering over !

    “A sense of imagination was given to man to comfort him for what he is not and a sense of humor, to console him for what he is !”

  • Ravi Kumar

    Hello sir, I think I will learn it with time. I understood one thing from you. That is not to overdo self deprecation.
    I have heard Tony Robbins. He hardly does it, it at all he does, its very mid. I am a fan of his too 🙂

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