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Communication is a dicey business.

Unless what you think, say and what the others understand are aligned, communication can create embarassing sceanrios like it happened to an old mountain woman.
She was having trouble getting her donkey to pull its heavily laden cart up the hill. Seeing her plight, the village  lawyer got behind the cart and pushed it up over the hill and over the top.
As they stopped to catch their breath, the woman told the lawyer, ” Thanks a lot. I’d never have gotten it done with just one donkey.”
Speakers may want to change the profession from a lawyer to a software engineer or accountant and the like when using this story.
For similiar anecdotes, do look up ‘ A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Podium” by Herbert V Prochnow.
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  • Ravi Moosad

    It's really hilarious and I think will be useful for me.

  • Chendil Kumar

    Thanks for visiting my blog, Ravi

  • Unknown

    Hey CK,

    One more good one from you 🙂 .

    Recently i read a book The Ant and the elephant by Vince Poscente.. says almost same that an ant can talk to elephant and make him move if he understands what ant says .


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