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Yesterday, I took a flight out of Hyderabad International Airport to Bangalore.

The first thing that strikes you is the s……p…….a…….c………e. Huge. Expansive. Imposing.

Space ! Our airports now resemble mofussil bus stands with ushers shouting “Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai …”. So, it is great to see enough and more room for all to move around !

Smooth security check . Squeaky clean rest rooms. Very,very international look and feel.

Surprise, Surprise ! It is no more infra dig to be seen serving Indian delicacies ! I was delighted to see janta clouting Hyderabadi Biryani, Idli and Vada swimming in sambar and bisibele bath ! A welcome relief from the take- it- or -leave- it bland stuff that airport cafes used to dish out until now.
Soaking in this ambience, I was waiting in a queue to get some coffee, when I noticed a lot of people staring at me, furiously clicking their digicams and mobile phone cameras ! I was impressed ! Fifty years of anonymity; just three months into active blogging and I become a celebrity ! Not bad, I thought. I then looked ahead and saw Nayantara, hearthrob version 2008 in South Indian movies buying coffee for her entourage! She recently signed up to be the brand ambassador of Chennai Super Kings (IPL T20) and fell out !

So, SHE was the reason for this attention ! All my vain thoughts came down with a THUD and

my first lesson in communication flashed across ” When you ASSUME, you make an ASS out of U and ME !”

Inspite of this fiasco, the entire experience was pleasant except that it took me almost two hours to reach the airport. Two bottlenecks near Mehdipatnam made the journey frustrating but once the flyover is complete, the driver assured us, we should be able to wheel into the city in 45 minutes !

Wasn’t it a wise guy who said” In future, it will take only two hours to go around the world. One hour to go around the world and one hour to reach the airport !”
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