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I was chatting up with a friend working in the IT sector and the talk veered around the general gloom all over. He said” My organisation is only an employer but our Provider is up there and I am sure he will have some great plans for us !”
With so much of distress floating around, I found this to be a refreshing take off !
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  • Sowmya

    No need to be so upset about recession Chendil. Any reduction in human activity is good for the environment and is much needed once in a way…

  • Ravi Kumar

    Yes Sir, exactly on these lines, a very senior bank official advised whne i was in a bank. When he came to know i was from IT, he refrred to the case where a Satyam employee committed suiside. He said, “Why such drastic step. When Gods gives u birth, he gives milk in mother’s breast. So, even this situtation will b taken care of by his will. so why worry”

  • CK

    Hi Sowmya and Ravi,

    A belated thanks for dropping by !

    One reason why I feel so bad about this job loss is at least India doesn’t deserve to be in a recession !

    While everyone gets to see only the glitz and glamour of an IT job,how many of us realise that so many lower middle class households have been able to achieve financial stability because of their children in the IT sector ?

    My training assignments take me to many software companies where i come across many inspiring stories of people helping out their siblings or helping them get married, provide shelter and provide better medical care for their aged parents.

    So, the loss of a job is devastating ! All this, when we were just beginning to look up !

    Sowmya, where you do have a point is it will put some sense and sanity into the excesses taht soem of these folks had got used to !

    Pick up teh latest copy of India Today to read an incisive article by Dilip Bobb on this subject !

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