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”I know what I have given you. I do not know what you have received.” – Antonio Porchia.

Welcome to my blog in which I try to unravel methods to make sure what I say is well aligned to what you receive.

My rambling thoughts on communication and humor in public speaking!

Bollywood Humor

I was invited by Speakers Den Toastmasters, Bangalore to speak on humor and the theme was Bollywood. I recollected my growing-up years and recounted my favourites. It may be pre-historic for Gen [...]

The Power of Analogies

“Attending a committee meeting and going to the toilet are in many ways similar. In both the places you go sit down, make a lot of noise and finally the matter is dropped.” I haven’t yet used [...]

My Talk at Wharton

It all started at IIM Bangalore. I regularly conduct programs for MDP sessions and one program I’ve been associated since inception is the Women Entrepreneurship Program offered by N S Raghavan [...]


My friend and a compelling professional speaker, Pravin Shekar has been persuading me to write a book for over three years. I thought my lethargy will put him off. And he [...]

Humor Therapy

“When you begin to analyse fun, it isn’t fun anymore”-Anon I received this book as a gift and something about the title and the blurb intrigued me -“The best-selling, groundbreaking classic by [...]

Rule of Three in Humor

2005. My first visit to Bangkok. As my cab from the airport was navigating the crowded streets to reach my hotel,I noticed auto rickshaws known as tuk-tuks of varied colours whizzing past. [...]

Enabling Confidence

I was listening to a celebrity speaker who thundered,”The number one fear for most people is the fear of speaking in public !”And the number two fear – “fear of flying !” Any idea about the [...]

Workplace Humor!

A webinar for a client yesterday… During the intro round,a participant said,” I am a Retina fellow….” I was about to pounce on him with my feedback,” please be formal in introducing yourself….” [...] © 2019. All rights reserved.