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Allison Shapira works with the Kennedy School of Government at the Harvard University . Her area of interest is Communication and Public Speaking. She is also an avid Toastmaster and nurtures the Crimson Toastmasters at Harvard.

Last October, I got an opportunity to address their club on “Stand up, Speak up and Shut Up”( the art of using humor in communication). Although the strength was low, compared to what we see in Indian TM clubs, the commitment and enthusiasm was visible.

Allison was gracious not only to give me an opportunity to speak but alos evaluate my speech in a crisp and compelling manner. She writes an interesting blog on Public Speaking and Communication Skills. I bought a copy of Made to Stick written by Dan Heath after reading a review in Allison’s blog !

I’ve started using the SUCCES model in my training sessions .

Thanks Allison. I look forward to seeing your posts regularly.


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  • Alli

    Hi CK,

    Very nice blog! Thanks for your posting, I’m glad you enjoyed Made to Stick. I hope to see you in the States sometime soon.


  • CK

    Hi Allison,

    thanks for visiting my blog.

    I will be visiting the USA in end march and will keep you posted.

    thanks again

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